Marimaal ilmus nimede raamat

Marimaal ilmus kogumik “Mari Lümvlak”, milles on umbes kaks ja pool tuhat mari nime, sealhulgas ka mari variandid kristlikest nimedest.

Raamatut müüakse Joškar-Olas Podolski Kursantide tänaval asuvas mari kaupade poes ja kultuuriministeeriumi raamatukogus.

Krõmmari Kazim

Eestikeelne tõlge: Fenno-Ugria


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One response to “Marimaal ilmus nimede raamat

  1. Mihkel

    I am very pleased to learn that the Mari people are finding their own identity and are no longer afraid to show it.

    The Maris deserve to continue using their traditional names and your language, but I know how difficult that can be in view of where your homelands are located.
    More speed to you and please do not hesitate to be more demanding when encountering russian bureaucracy. If you are not adamant now you will continue to have obstructions placed in your path.


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